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Website Design

With the cost of broadband decreasing in New Zealand, more people are turning to the internet as the source of information and advertising.

My style is clear and simple websites to get across your message. Fancy graphics are fine, but not if they slow down your site or distract the viewer from your message.
  • Static websites are where the data does not change from one viewing to the next
  • Dynamic websites change and are usually linked to a database

I have expertise in both, and can put your databases online for greater accessibility.

Website Hosting

I can host your website and arrange for your domain name all at a pretty attractive price.

But the price is not why you should allow me to host your site. The difference is my personal service. If you need to contact me, you always can, wherever I am. My server, residing in Auckland, has everything you expect; data backups, communication backups, and emergency power.

Domain Name Registration

I can register your domain name for you.

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